Clavier-Übung IV
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United States 37.2%United StatesItaly 3.6%ItalyAustria 1.6%AustriaPoland 1.1%PolandUkraine 0.4%UkraineIsrael 0.2%Israel
Germany 14%GermanyNetherlands 3%NetherlandsSwitzerland 1.6%SwitzerlandAustralia 0.9%AustraliaBelgium 0.4%BelgiumDenmark 0.2%Denmark
United Kingdom 7.3%United KingdomFrance 2.6%FranceCanada 1.4%CanadaTaiwan 0.7%TaiwanHong Kong 0.4%Hong KongMalaysia 0.2%Malaysia
Japan 4.9%JapanSpain 2.6%SpainRussian Federation 1.4%Russian FederationCzech Republic 0.5%Czech RepublicGreece 0.4%GreeceMexico 0.2%Mexico
China 4%ChinaRepublic Of Korea 2.6%Republic Of KoreaBrazil 1.1%BrazilSweden 0.4%SwedenNorway 0.2%NorwayNew Zealand 0.2%New Zealand
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(recorded with a Pigalle Cembalo 1771, detailed sampled by Realsamples)

0 # comentariomauricio monsalve 2015-06-05 02:49
Una obra que no he dejado de oir.
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