Nielsen, Carl
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United States 68.3%United StatesUnited Kingdom 1.6%United KingdomTaiwan 0.6%TaiwanHong Kong 0.3%Hong KongChile 0.3%ChileSingapore 0.1%Singapore
Germany 9.9%GermanyRepublic Of Korea 1.6%Republic Of KoreaBelgium 0.4%BelgiumSpain 0.3%SpainBrazil 0.2%BrazilIsrael 0.1%Israel
Japan 2.9%JapanCanada 1.5%CanadaDenmark 0.4%DenmarkAustria 0.3%AustriaGreece 0.2%GreeceAustralia 0.1%Australia
France 2%FranceNetherlands 1.4%NetherlandsPoland 0.3%PolandHungary 0.3%HungaryMexico 0.2%MexicoColombia 0.1%Colombia
Italy 1.7%ItalyRussian Federation 0.9%Russian FederationSyrian Arab Republic 0.3%Syrian Arab RepublicSwitzerland 0.3%SwitzerlandPeru 0.2%PeruPortugal 0.1%Portugal
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